About Boteco

Boteco is a vibrant and dynamic company with a long history in the design and construction of maneuvering handles. Our products are all internationally certified. 

Boteco offers customers a wide range of innovative solutions, with an extensive catalog with more than 400 different product categories and over 15,000 different grips. Each maneuvering handle is manufactured with proprietary processes and equipment, using highly reliable and durable materials. Boteco continues to invest heavily in design innovation and production technologies. 

Boteco’s History

Boteco (originally Botecoplast), began producing a small catalogue of knobs made of thermosetting material throughout the early 1970s in Italy. Within a few years Boteco was able to develop new technology to supply the Welding industry. Boteco became the industry leader as the largest manufacturer of portable welding machines, owning over 90% of the market share. 

This new market opportunity resulted in Boteco breaking away from handle construction and didn’t resume until the early 80s. With new advancements in plastic materials, Boteco was able to make use of the wide range of new possibilities and expand and diversify their catalog of plastic handles. 

This only grew throughout the 1990s with laser cutting technology, 3D CAM rendering and the many upgrades that have continued to the present day. Boteco’s main priority is to focus on improving manufacturing while constantly utilizing modern technology to improve the quality and beauty of their handles.